What’s The Blog about?

Hi There! I’m Matt – I’m writing just the first blog post to let you all know a little bit more about the whole idea.

I’m deputy leader of HCPT Group 183. We are a quite new (ish) group which makes up part of an amazing UK and now international charity called HCPT. It enables children and young adults with physical mental and social needs to go on life changing pilgrimage holidays to Lourdes. We are a open for all charity – we may be based at a catholic pilgrimage site, but one of the main aims of the week to to enable the children to socialise with other children of varying needs, as well as giving the families and carers of the children and young adults we take a break for a week. It also empowers and enables our guests to learn more independence and make much needed friends and links.


Our group is based in Welwyn Garden City, Herts – we take guests from a wide area including Harlow, Barnet, Stevenage, as well as North and East Herts areas. During our annual Easter trip to Lourdes we do many activities, including a trip to the Zoo or beach, the candlelight procession, reflection time, fun and games in the meadows, singing in the cafe’s as well as the very popular HCPT trust mass where the whole of the trust (up to 5000) gather together to celebrate – its a mass many have never seen before (How often do you see people going to mass wearing face paints, waving flags, and in our groups case wearing trousers with smiley faces on them!)


My amazing friend Hannah wanted to set herself this amazing challenge of training for and taking part in the 2017 London Marathon raising much needed funds for our Group! I’m so proud that my friend is doing such a determined challenge and can see her buzzing some days at how much she wants to do this personal challenge. Over the next few months I’m sure she will fill you in more abut her own personal reasons for doing this challenge and will inspire you with her commitment and determination, there will be those days where I’m sure she will be heartened to see any messages of inspiration to help her get through the tough days where training seems a mountain.

We will be linking the blog onto the HCPT 183 facebook page, and there will be the link of the Just Giving page as one of the reasons for doing this spectaular challenge is to enable more children and young adults to go on the trips – Think of it like the Ice Bucket Challenge just that the ice will probably come out of the freezer on several occasions to help after a strenuous day of training and obviously at the end of the Marathon……


So… I may post again…(I do ramble sometimes!) for now over to Hannah and the marathon training….